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Commercial Interior Lighting

We carry powerful, long-lasting commercial interior lighting. Here’s some of our highly efficient products that are certified and can help cut electric costs by switching from a less efficient lighting source like fluorescent lights. We have lights that range from industrial to office settings.
Keep the inside of your company or business well-lit with any of our lighting selections. Ceiling and wall light options available. We also carry emergency lights so your business can stay safe and compliant.

Linear High Bay

We combine overall design and the power of LED into our linear high bay lights. Our linear high bay fixtures consume less energy and require less maintainance. Some models last up to 50,000 hours, not only saving energy but also saving utility & maintenance costs!

UFO High Bay

Our best-selling UL & DCL certified LED UFO high bay lights have a IP65 certified water resistant and dustproof design. It’s commercial-industrial grade, durable properties make it the toughest and most versatile light on the market. They are the perfect upgrade from HID lights!

LED Downlights

A popular and versatile design allows for installation in both new construction and retrofit projects. Low profile housing provides a sleek, minimal design. Twist-lock lens simplifies installation process, and is frosted for smooth, glare-free illumination.

LED Linear Strip 

Add LED strip light fixtures to illuminate high ceiling spaces such as parking garages, hallways, workshops, factories and more! These strip lights come with great features and different lengths, as well as multiple installation options, such as surface mount.

led vapor tight light fixture

Vapor Tight

Find the best modern design and protection into our LED vapor tight fixtures. Our vapor tights are designed to withstand harsh environments with dust, dirt and extreme moisture. Some models last up to 50,000 hours, and include a 5 year warranty!

LED Flat Panels

Our long-lasting flat panel lighting is not only energy efficient but also saves time and money on maintenance. There’s no need to replace bulbs or ballasts with our LED products. All of our panels include a 5-year warranty and can come in traditional 2×2 or 2×4 sizing. 

Troffers Lights & Fixtures

Find high quality troffer lights made out of durable materials. Illuminate indoor ceilings in offices, classrooms, hospitals, hallways, anywhere that a LED troffer can be laid into a ceiling grid. These LED troffers and fixtures can be surface mounted or suspended as well.

Grow Lights

Natural light often falls short on delivering what crops need for optimal growth. Without supplemental lighting,  low light days can cause problems and delays the delivery dates. This industrial LED grow light is proven to support optimal and improved plant development.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights and LED exit signs are necessary to create a safer space in offices, schools, stores, residential propertes and more. We offer maintenance-free emergency lighting solutions that include rechargeable battery backup and are also meet UL Safety standards.

LED Retrofit Kits

Update your fluorescent lighting fixtures with modern LED lighting to boost perfomance and illumination. LED retrofit kits are grea options without having to replace an entire led fixture. Our products are ETL & DLC listed to ensure energy efficient, state-of-the-art LED technology.

Not sure what kind of commercial interior lighting you need for your business? Contact us and our experts will assist you right away! Our experts are ready to assist you!

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