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Our exterior LED lighting is known have reduced maintenance requirements and also have amazing sustainability in any environment. Since they are meant to be used outside, these commercial outdoor lights are designed to withstand the elements.
These commercial exterior LED lights are available in a variety of different shapes and mounting options for poles and walls. These lights will keep any outdoor area of your business illuminated for increased safety and visibility for you and your employees.

Area Lights

Add safety and security with our popular LED area lights. Find LED lighting for multiple outdoor areas such as parking lots, walkways, streets and more. Not only are our area lights are certified and weatherproof but also save time and money by reducing maintainence!

Wall Packs

Illuminate buildings, warehouses, schools and residential areas to increase safety. Our LED wall packs have a sleek, low-profile design with damage-proof lenses, and are UL Listed. They also require to be replaced less frequently compared to HID wall packs.

Flood Lights

Increase outdoor security and visibility with our high perfomance LED flood lights. Instantly illuminate buildings, signage, parking lots, campuses and more. Our flood lights consume 50% less energy than traditional HID lighting and are backed by a 5 year warranty!

Canopy Lights

Our affordable LED canopy lighting is the perfection solution to add brightness to a variety of commercial and industrial settings – such as gas stations, parking garages, loading areas and more. Canopy lights are reliable in all types of weather and are installed at ease!

Wall Mount 

Check out our high-quality LED wall mounts offered at prices lower than online retailers. Ideal for office buildings, residential and any place that needs added security LED lighting. Made with die cast aluminum housing, the LED wall mount is UL Listed and DLC qualified.

Hazardous Location 

Safe and durable in harsh environments, explosion proof LED lighting adds widespread illumination while minimizing risks and energy costs. Ideal lighting for facilities, oil & gas refineries, any outdoor or area lighting where vapors, dust and extreme conditions exist. 

Vapor Tight

Our vapor tight LED strip fixtures are DLC and UL Listed with a IP65 Rating. Perfect LED lighting for industrial areas such as auto shops, warehouse, factories and also useful in parking garages. These vapor tight strips have optional color temperatures and are easy to install.

Dusk to Dawn

One of many great LED lighting options for increased outdoor security and safety. Our dusk to dawn lights, also known as LED barn lights, include photocell sensors that detect sunrise or sunsets to turn off and on, which adds energy savings, a great plus for your clients. 

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