Guide to Installing Dusk to Dawn / Photocell  Lights in Parking Lots

These dusk-to-dawn lights have been one of the defining features of a modern parking lot lighting system, reflecting all the required security, safety, and energy efficiency. The light turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn, ensuring constant illumination through times when it is most needed. This is particularly most valuable for parking lots, since these lights do not avoid threats but create a better environment for people walking by or driving in the area. The drift towards dusk-to-dawn LED lights has gone on to enhance cost savings and efficiency over traditional lighting technologies.

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Planning Your Dusk to Dawn Lighting System

Choosing the Right Lights

Choose appropriate dusk to dawn lights after considering the factors of lumens output, distribution pattern, durability, and energy efficiency. The reason for prominence given to LEDs is that they offer high efficiency and long life with good light quality. They use less energy and provide bright illumination that is uniform throughout the night.

Determining the Number of Lights Needed

One of the most essential features required in fixing dusk to dawn lights in a parking lot is to make sure the number of lights is appropriate. The latter of these aspects is very crucial for forming illuminance enough to ensure safety and security within the region.

The primary factors influencing the number of lights include:

Area of Coverage: The size of the parking lot will determine the total area to be lit. The larger the parking lots, the more lights required to ensure complete coverage.

Desired Illuminance Levels: The required levels of illumination differ in relation to the intended use of the parking lot. For example, areas of pedestrian traffic or where cars maneuver may require higher illuminance levels for better visibility and safety.

Uniformity of Light: The required levels of illumination differ in relation to the intended use of the parking lot. For example, areas of pedestrian traffic or where cars maneuver may require higher illuminance levels for better visibility and safety.

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Spacing and Layout Considerations

Also important as how many lights to have is spacing and placement of those lighting fixtures. Proper spacing would ensure that there are no dark spots or overly bright areas, ensuring the safety and comfort of a lot’s users.

Key considerations for spacing and layout include:

Pole Height: This determines the effectiveness of the lights in this case due to mounting height. The taller the pole, the more area it might cover, but the number of fixtures that can be applied to a pole remains compatible with the shorter ones. At the same height, it will also moderate the distribution of light and the angle of spreading light over the ground.

Obstructions: This can involve identifying probable obstructions, like trees, signage, or even the structure of a building. These are elements that might block light or create some shadows if not considered in laying out the lighting plan. Adjusting where lights are to be put to avoid these obstacles ensures the distribution of light without interruption.

Lighting Zones: Most parking lots are divided into several zones with different requirements for lighting. They have entrance and exit lanes, footpaths, and parking areas which would require different kinds of lighting intensities. Therefore, appropriate zoning in the lighting plan can be done, and it tailors the installation to install particular needs on safety and security concerns in every area.

Uniformity: Uneven levels of light can make up the risk of accidents and visibly diminish the overall view in a parking lot. It calls for strategic placement of lights, ensuring that every area has illumination without overlapping or gaps.

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Installation Steps (General Overview)

Preparing for Installation

Before starting the installation process, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and preparation:

Turn Off Power to the Circuit: First, safety. Locate the circuit breaker that feeds the lot’s lighting circuit and turn it off. With a voltage tester, verify the power is off before you proceed.

Gather Tools and Materials: Get all the necessary tools and equipment to make the installation. They generally include:

  • Wire cutters and strippers: For cutting and preparing electrical wires.
  • Screwdrivers: Both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers may be required depending on the fixture and mounting method.
  • Protective Gear: Wear safety gloves and goggles to protect against electrical hazards and debris.

Review Manufacturer Instructions: Installation requirements from the manufacturer may vary with each dusk-to-dawn light fixture. Read those instructions well to ensure that everything is assembled and wired correctly.

5. Installing the Light Fixtures

Mount dusk to dawn light fixtures at their designated locations on the poles or walls. Connect electrical wires while exercising caution, guided by the stipulated safety measures and manufacturer instructions to avoid mishaps and ensure proper working.

Once you’ve prepared adequately, proceed with mounting the dusk to dawn light fixtures:

Choose Mounting Locations: Determine the best mounting locations for each light fixture according to the lot layout and lighting plan. Fixtures can be mounted on existing or new poles or directly onto walls, depending on design and coverage requirements.

Mounting the Fixtures: Mount the fixtures using nuts, bolts, or screws per the manufacturer’s instructions. The mounting brackets or hardware shall be securely attached and provide a holding capacity sufficient to hold the weight of the fixture.

Connecting Electrical Wires: Carefully join electrical wires in accordance with the manufacturer’s wiring diagram. Check the tightness and security of wire connections; join wires together with wire nuts or other appropriate connectors as recommended.

Follow Safety Guidelines: No short cuts should be taken, and all connections are fitted safely. Wires shall not be exposed to environmental impact or other potential damages by using proper cable management techniques.

Testing the System

Once installed, turn the power back on and check each light to ensure that it is working properly. Tests will confirm operations from dusk to dawn.

Restore Power: Finally, flip back the circuit breaker to turn the power on to the lighting system. Be cautious at this point as there may be the possibility of an electric shock or short circuits.

Verify Operation: Observe each light fixture at dusk. Ideally, the lights turn on by themselves every dusk and switch off at dawn. This will automatically ensure that the lights are working correctly to provide the intended lighting coverage throughout the night.

Adjust Settings if Necessary: Some dusk-to-dawn lights allow adjustments related to sensitivity—ambient light—and duration—the amount of time the lights will remain on after detecting darkness. Make any needed adjustment to ensure optimal performance based on the environmental condition and specific needs of the parking lot.

Test Continuously: Although the lights will have an initial installation and checking, periodic checks will still have to be done thereafter to maintain uniformity in their operation. This proactive action helps in determining any flaws way in advance and allows attending to the same for maintenance or adjustment if required.

Additional Considerations

Light Pollution Mitigation Strategies

Direct the light downwards and shield fixtures where necessary to help minimize light pollution. The approach minimizes unnecessary brightness and prevents any light spillage to neighboring properties or the night sky.

Maintenance Tips

The dusk-to-dawn lights would require frequent maintenance to remain effective. This may include periodic cleaning to permit transparency from dust and other debris that might block out light. Replace any faulty light promptly to have uniformity in lighting and to save the entire system from dying out fast.


Dusk-to-dawn lights provide a lot of benefits to a parking lot, including added security and safety, plus dramatic energy savings. An expert electrician should be consulted in cases where the installation may be complex or when it requires electrical knowledge. When installed strategically and kept maintained, such lights can provide a much safer and more hospitable environment for visitors to any given parking lot.


  1. What are the advantages of using LED dusk to dawn lights? 

LED dusk to dawn lights are preferred for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and superior light quality compared to traditional lighting technologies. They provide bright, even illumination while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

  1. How do I determine the number of lights needed for my parking lot? 

The number of lights depends on factors like the area size and desired illuminance level. Online tools are available to calculate specific lighting requirements based on these factors, ensuring optimal coverage and safety.

  1. What maintenance is required for dusk to dawn lights? 

Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris is essential for optimal performance. Additionally, promptly replacing faulty lights ensures consistent illumination and extends the lifespan of the lighting system.

  1. How can I reduce light pollution from dusk to dawn lights? 

To minimize light pollution, ensure fixtures are directed downward and consider using light shields where necessary. This approach focuses light where it’s needed most, reducing unnecessary brightness and glare.

  1. Is it necessary to consult a professional for installing dusk to dawn lights? 

While basic installations may be straightforward, complex installations or those involving electrical connections should be handled by a qualified electrician. This ensures safety and compliance with local regulations.

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