DVDLights Will Call Store Policy: In-Person Pickup for Your LED Lighting Needs

Two-Hour Notice for Order Processing and Pickup:
We kindly request all customers to provide a minimum of two hours notice from placing their order to allow us sufficient time to process and pull the items. This ensures a smooth and efficient pickup experience for all our valued customers.

Verifying Order Completeness:
The customer’s responsible for carefully reviewing their order and ensuring all the requested parts are included. Before leaving the store, we strongly recommend thoroughly inspecting the items received to avoid any inconvenience later. Any missing items should be immediately reported to our staff.

Notifying Support Team and Sales Representative:
If there are any issues or discrepancies with the order, customers should promptly notify our support team and their designated sales representative. This will allow us to quickly address and resolve any concerns or problems encountered during pickup.

Payment Requirement for Prepaid Orders:
For orders that have been prepaid, we kindly remind customers that their orders will not be released for pickup until the payment has been successfully processed. This policy ensures that all transactions are appropriately accounted for and helps maintain a fair and secure environment for our customers and business.

Timely Update of Credit Card Information:
To ensure a smooth transaction process and prevent any delays in picking up your orders, we kindly request customers make any necessary changes to their credit card information at the time of purchase. This allows our sales representatives to promptly update the system with accurate payment details, minimizing any potential issues during the pickup process. By promptly updating your credit card information, you help us maintain an up-to-date and reliable payment system, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for you and other customers. If you need to make any changes to your credit card on file, please inform your sales representative during the purchase, and they will assist you in updating the system accordingly.


We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to these policies, designed to enhance the efficiency and quality of your shopping experience at our Will Call store. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team or your assigned sales representative.

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