Warranty Excellence: Ensuring Quality with Our LED Lighting Products

Thank you for choosing DVDlights! We want to ensure your satisfaction with our branded LED lighting fixtures, lamps, poles, optional features, and accessories. That’s why we offer a comprehensive limited warranty designed for our valued customers like you.

Our limited warranty extends to any DVDlights product that bears a five (5) year limited warranty designation in its technical product specification (“Spec Sheet”) or one of its subsidiaries. It includes our Technology outdoor fixtures, occupancy and other sensors, and optional features on our LED lighting fixtures. Rest assured, this warranty is provided by the company identified as the seller on the invoice for your original purchase, and it applies to the original purchaser of the warranted product mentioned on the seller’s invoice (“Purchaser”). Please note that this warranty is not transferable by the original end-user purchaser unless connected to the sale of the installation site where the product was initially installed.

At DVDlights, we stand behind the quality of our products. We warrant that our Products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a generous period of FIVE (5) YEARS from the date of the original purchase by the purchaser. In the case of a Product originally purchased directly from DVDlights, the warranty period mentioned above will commence from the date of purchase by the original customer.

To determine if a Product is defective, DVDlights will assess it at its sole discretion, considering the overall performance compared to the expected performance outlined in the applicable Spec Sheet. However, please note that a Product will not be deemed defective solely due to the failure of individual LED components to emit light unless the number of inoperable LED components exceeds 10% of the total number of LED components in the product.

It’s important to note that this limited warranty does not cover certain situations. Loss or damage to the product resulting from negligence, abuse, misuse, mishandling, modification, improper installation, storage or maintenance, damage due to casualty events, vandalism, civil disturbances, power surges, improper power supply, electrical current fluctuations, corrosive environment installations (such as excessive salt water in coastal locations), induced vibration, alteration, accident, failure to follow installation, operating, maintenance, or environmental requirements stated in DVDlights’ applicable Spec Sheet or installation instructions, or applicable electrical codes, or improper servicing of the product produced is not covered.

Suppose DVDlights determine that the product is indeed defective. In that case, our sole obligation, and your sole remedy as the purchaser or anyone claiming through the purchaser, is to repair the product to restore its non-defective state or provide a replacement Product. Please note that this limited warranty does not cover service charges associated with the repair or replacement of the product.

This limited warranty will become void if the product produced is not used for its intended purpose as designed by DVDlights.

We hope this information provides you with a clear understanding of our limited warranty terms. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and ensuring satisfaction throughout your ownership experience.

 If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We appreciate your trust in DVDlights and look forward to illuminating your spaces with our exceptional LED lighting solutions!


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